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The Last Spoiler

The 2017 top expected film will be on screen in two months. But it seems like all the secrets left unveiled since the massive promo campaign started with the first teaser in early 2017. What to expect and is there something to expect?

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Twin Peaks, Season 3 – Last Call

A drunk octopus wants to fight


The Season 3 is over.

But the atomic fluctuations of opinion exchange explosion among critics and audience will last longer than one may imagine. These two last episodes made not only the owls be not what they seem.


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Dunkirk – The Visual World of Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan once said that he got used to making mostly entertainment movies, but he caught the new inspiration and interest towards historical plots. So this time the Dunkirk evacuation in the wake of the World War II has become the object for his camera. It is wide known that the director has denied almost all graphics, used real navy vessels and employed thousands of extras to make his film lifelike, but we are here not to talk about well-known facts. The visual world of Nolan are the right words to describe this note. In Nolan`s vision the history, even in its most cruel and bloody incarnation, looks far from documentary. His interpretation of Dunkirk is a mixture of polar colours of the palette: suspense is full of motion, hopeless mood is full of hope, and thunder of war is full of silence.

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Waiting for an Alien

There is little time left before the release of Alien: Covenant, the long-awaited sequel to Prometheus and the second part of the epic xenomorph saga prequel, directed by the legendary British filmmaker Ridley Scott. We look forward to taking one step closer to unravel the mystery of xenomorphs’ origins and to reveal true intentions of the enigmatic extraterrestrial race of godlike Engineers. We also would like to believe that the new creation of Ridley Scott will not disappoint the fans of his works as well as of the franchise itself, will not lower the bar set high by Alien, Aliens and Prometheus.

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Una (2016)

The story about being unable to set the past free is totally destructive. About female logic that sometimes may be senseless but merciless, and male short sight that is dangerous. About the coincidence of these two factors as weapons of mass destruction that level souls to the ground and burn off a meaning of any, even a most broken, life.

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10th Irish Film Festival, Moscow – meeting Seána Kerslake (‘A Date For Mad Mary’)

March has painted Russian capital city in emerald colors of the Irish Week – a mosaic of events united with Irish spirit and inspired by St.Patrick`s Day. And, as a good old tradition, Moscow hosts the 10th Irish Film Festival seasoned with special screenings and meetings with Irish famous actors and film directors.  For our special review we have chosen A Date For Mad Mary – the film by Darren Thornton, one of the most thrilling motion pictures of the fest with excellent performing of Seana Kerslake in the leading role.

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On the Milky Road (2016)

There is still a very special breathtaking feeling of being through another culture shock from the magnificent cinematographic piece which looks impeccable in all respects – the plot, the screenplay, the cast, the images of nature and everyday life in the Godforsaken village somewhere in the middle of Yugoslavia, fabulous soundtrack, both modern and Serbian folk music sounding at the local weekend parties and weddings often turning wild and drunk, picturesque Yugoslav mountains, valleys and full-flowing clear rivers at their Summer best, animals – mostly birds, sometimes with some human features and sometimes acting like real characters. Lots of symbolism – and very Slavonic one at this. Wonderful details like the main characters breathing through cane pipes while escaping from their death beneath the water or the Bride (that is the only name of this main character we know) getting caught in the traditional Slav peasant fish-trap called ‘versha’. And of course, all the heroes. And two brilliant actors Monica Bellucci and Emir Kusturica. It is really a feast!



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Paterson (2017)

Ordinary life of ordinary people. A small town somewhere to the Upstate. Time flows like any river, it seems like nothing is gonna change, and there is really no serious matter or incident that blows up the stagnant moor of the neighborhood. So who could make a motion picture on this bare-bones plot? Jim Jarmush could. His independent and distinctive perception, his style of depicting everything from loftiness to day-to-dayness makes him derive his stories from the very evanescent details of the complicated mosaic called life.


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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

A new era. Nowadays this term can be attributed to anything, from space technologies to space movie franchises. The 2016 gave a pretext to stick this label to the first Star Wars movie on its own, amply appreciated by George Lucas himself, despite of the idea of abandoning classical characters. Actually Rogue One does open a new Star Wars era – the times of spin-offs, relating stories of events and heroes existing in parallel with the main saga. This phenomenon has divided the audience into two camps whose beliefs strictly contradicts with each other, like the ideas of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance. I deeply respect all the true and faithful Star Wars fans, especially those whose interest has arisen from the original trilogy, that is why I am intended to consider all pros and contras to be unbiased in my review.




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Special File: William Fichtner




– in the league of his own –

The most nontype Hollywood actor celebrates his birthday on November, 27. This year he turns 60, but he can look any age he wants. He lives in Hollywood, but you`d rather meet him fishing in the countryside than at a celebrity party. He appeared in more than 70 films and series but never played a leading part. He graduated from law faculty but became one of top Hollywood cast. Car racer, hockey fan, Prague pub goer, collector of greeter signs with wrong spelling of his last name – that`s about William Fichtner.



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