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WANTED: Western


Western is a perfect genre for romantic realists. For those who are in love with adventures but do not seek to launch them into the galactic spaces of fantastic or pathetic horizons of fantasy. In a western here is enough room for history and tale, lyric and cruelty. It is like a good old fish story – the truth with a slight artistic transcreation. Surely many of you have noticed that in late few years the audience`s interest towards the western has suddenly ignited again, like an old but favourite lighter. It is hard to declare off-handly what was the reason, I will try to puzzle it out. So let`s take a ride around western.


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Prison Break (2005 – 2017

The way to this review was long as the series itself. One can have different attitudes to the TV series as a genre, but taking sitcoms, soap operas and cardboard detective stories off the table there are pretty showpieces among them. I should point out that here I am talking about the series, not the feature film Prison Break: The Final Break with the same characters and partly the same storyline.


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Slow West (2015)

Being a true fan of westerns I could not leave this movie unattended. And I was lucky to watch it in English at the critics` showing (in Moscow such an opportunity is often provided by the special hall at GUM Cinema Club). Maybe this is the key to the rare sense of involvement into the seemingly usual story of headhunters, Indians, outlaws and long wandering with troublemaking and adventure finding.

SLow West 1

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