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A Cold War Fairy Tale

I`m not good at fantasy, nor at its literature angle, either at a cinematic one. To my mind, films about real life, true feelings, events, past and current, are better. The very idea of making a film around a person`s story looks more honest and attractive. The ones we loved. The ones we betrayed. The ones we even killed. Everything, but real.

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Three Billboards Inside Academy Award Perspective

Psychological criminal drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017) has already won numerous awards, including Best Screenplay at the 74th Venice Film Festival, four Golden Globes, and got six Academy Award Nominations. Film director Martin McDonagh assumed a co-producer position in his third full length project after In Bruges (2007) and Seven Psychopaths (2012). He calls his nominee film “deliberately messy and difficult, because it`s a messy and difficult world”.

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90th OSCAR: Bets Placed

Time`s up for the Academy Award race. This year nominee`s list looks promising, all the films picked up by the jury are electric, remarkable, burning and stylish, there will be no one indifferent. Three BlogProFilm experts decided to try their luck and movie industry knowledge and place their bets in each nomination. Welcome to cinematic casino, we appreciate your opinion and stakes in comments.

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Pale Colored Final Portrait

Biopic and artistic circles are still attractive for filmmakers, and there is nothing wrong in here. Talented people are interested in other talented people`s stories and their odd bohemian lives. Acclaimed actor Stanley Tucci took another chance to direct a movie and decided to paint an emotional portrait of the artist who began his last portrait.

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Churchill`s Hour

Expectations`s delivered. Darkest Hour proved to be serious, fair and captivating movie with a row of brilliant roles. A strong personality in history is a victorious but dangerous theme for filmmaking. Sometimes it`s easy to dive into populism, parody or politicized stamps. In my view, authors managed to leak between the devil and the deep sea and shown Winston Churchill not only as an iconic leader of his country but also like a person who is familiar with feelings and doubts.

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Gary Oldman`s Churchill-style smoking master-class, and why Ben Mendelsohn does not need the Queen`s permission: Darkest Hour on screen

The vibrant trend towards early WWII history overwhelmed cinematography in 2017. We have already seen British-made Churchill telling the tale of Normandy two-day talks, then came picturesque but detached Dunkirk with its faceless and nameless enemy, and now it`s Darkest Hour turn to put things right. The film starring Gary Oldman seems to be more realistic, lifelike and atmospheric than all listed above. But why seems – it surely is, I have seen it with my own eyes at SFFilm Honors special screening in November where it was granted with special award sponsored by SFFilm Board members Todd and Katie Traina. So it will be better to have not just a BlogProFilm opinion here, but also comments of film creators and its stars this time.

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Detective Battle: Orient Express vs Crooked House

Making a screening is always a test for film director`s responsibility in finding a perfect balance between the original context and his own vision. Earlier we talked over the military and biopic trend in 2017 filmmaking, but this year one should not take the good old detective trend off the table as well. To secure the fair play let`s compare two screenings of Agatha Christie`s novels – famous and numerously adapted Murder On The Orient Express and British-scented Crooked House.

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SFFilm Honors: Darkest Hour in San Francisco

On November 6 SFFilm hosted a special screening of Darkest Hour at the Castro Theatre, San Francisco. Among the talents attended were Gary Oldman (as Winston Churchill) and Ben Mendelsohn (as King George VI), along with director Joe Wright, writer Anthony McCarten and supervising sound editor Craig Berkey. The pre-opening screening packed the house fully with audience and critics.

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The Last Spoiler

The 2017 top expected film will be on screen in two months. But it seems like all the secrets left unveiled since the massive promo campaign started with the first teaser in early 2017. What to expect and is there something to expect?

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Twin Peaks, Season 3 – Last Call

A drunk octopus wants to fight


The Season 3 is over.

But the atomic fluctuations of opinion exchange explosion among critics and audience will last longer than one may imagine. These two last episodes made not only the owls be not what they seem.


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