Архив за March, 2021

Ireland: A Neverland for Forever-Youngs on a Roadtrip

Thanks to St.Patrick and the resilient Celtic spirit: no lockdown or global pandemic ever broke the chain of Irish film screenings held in Ireland itself and other countries gravitated into the Irish cultural space. In terms of filmmaking the wasted 2020 brought up new styles and techniques of creative process: people had to use limited room for their ideas, they had to combine skills of a director, a sound master, a cameraman, a screenwriter and make their movies entirely themselves. Limited resource gave the floor to unlimited flow of creative energy that should have been shared with the audience. While Galway Film Fleadh, Kerry International Film Festival, Cork International Film Festival and their sister fests in Australia went online in 2020, 2021 opened the doors of cinemas in Russia, so all Irish-at-hearts could see freshly released films and shorts from Ireland in Moscow and St.Petersburg. This year I voted all in for the road-movie Poster Boys (2020) – we all need being outside on the road again, and it`s better to be on a road trip in Ireland than anywhere else.

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