SFFilm Honors: Darkest Hour in San Francisco

On November 6 SFFilm hosted a special screening of Darkest Hour at the Castro Theatre, San Francisco. Among the talents attended were Gary Oldman (as Winston Churchill) and Ben Mendelsohn (as King George VI), along with director Joe Wright, writer Anthony McCarten and supervising sound editor Craig Berkey. The pre-opening screening packed the house fully with audience and critics.

The film tells the story of Churchill`s first but crucial steps as the Prime Minister elaborating the strong foreign policy in shady days of 1940 when Britain was on the brink of making its historical choice. A few weeks that made him a great politician were interpreted with precise attention to atmosphere of times of the WWII and – surprisingly but lifelike – with sparkling sense of humor, that was positively accepted by the audience.



“I saw this incredible dynamic character and I thought that it was the key for me to open the door to my interpretation of Winston”, the Academy Award® nominee Gary Oldman told at Q&A after the screening.

Darkest Hour is out in selected theatres on November 22, 2017, grand opening in the Bay Area on December 8, 2017.


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